On the Issues

Economic Growth & Workforce Development

Janet will work to ensure Tennessee continues to be a leader in job creation by attracting quality employers from around the country and supporting home-grown small businesses so they can thrive.

Lower taxes

Janet will fight for lower taxes as she has on City Council to ensure government lives within its means.

Less Government & More Individual Liberty

Janet will stand up for businesses and individuals against intrusive government mandates and regulations.

Backing the Blue

Our families, our children and our neighborhoods deserve to feel safe. Janet has been a steadfast supporter of law enforcement and is grateful for their commitment and sacrifice to our communities.

Gun rights

Janet fully supports our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. She has been a concealed carry permit holder for more than two decades and is a member of the National Rifle Association.

Mental Health

We must ensure that Tennesseans, especially our children, have the resources and support they need to make healthy decisions and establish a path of hope.


Access to quality education should not be limited to those with economic means, and we should continue to empower parents to be engaged in their children’s future.

Human Trafficking

The scourge of human trafficking continues to grow at an alarmingly rate across the country. Our state has been a leader on tackling this issue, but there is more that can be done to protect Tennesseans from exploitation. As State Representative, she will work with leaders in our law enforcement communities and other dedicated organizations to take on this prevalent and disheartening issue.